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Welcome to a new adventure!

Welcome to a new adventure!

I am preparing to take a new journey in my life. I would like to invite you to join me as I travel. I have never been much for social media – just never felt “cool” enough. However, with the urging of a friend — and standing on the edge of a new life adventure — I’m going to see where this goes.

I have grown passionate about a few of things in life — my motorcycle, world hunger, and malaria. Quite a disparate group of things, right?

I am privileged to own (make payments on) a 2009 Harley-Davidson Ultra

From Canada @ Freedom Bridge Crossing

Classic Motorcycle (Pastor + Harley = The HOG Father). Since December 29, 2008 I have ridden 40,000+ miles. The longest ride was 2,450 miles in 65 hours going from Rydal, Georgia to Canada to Ocracoke Island, NC to Rydal, Georgia in 3 days — just because I wanted to. And that is part of my motivation for this blog and my concern for the next two things.

At the 2010 North GA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church I learned about an organization called Stop Hunger Now. This is an organization that provides meals, primarily to children, for only 25 cents per serving. A team of 40-50 persons can package 10,000 meals in around 2 hours. I can wrap my head around that — 25 cents feeds a child.

At the 2008 North GA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church I learned about Nothing But Nets (now Imagine No Malaria). An organization that provides bed nets in places plagued by mosquitos carrying malaria. I learned that $10 buys a bed net that can cover 4 persons. The net protects them from bites which protects them from malaria. The more nets in town (village) the more persons helped as the nets are treated with insecticide that kills the mosquitos on contact and reduces their numbers. The more nets the safer the village. $10 buys a net and saves a life. I can wrap my head around that.

March 9, 2011 marks the beginning Lent, Ash Wednesday – the 40 days before Easter. Lent is a time where Fasting is encouraged as a spiritual discipline. It is not the abstinence from the food that is the purpose. It is using time typically spent preparing, eating and cleaning up from a meal to meditate on God’s word, God’s purpose, God’s will for one’s life; reading the Scriptures; or otherwise growing in one’s faith.

It is my intention to live on the same food that I seek to provide to those in need. If it is good enough for them — it ought to be good enough for me. It is formulated for starving children — I am not starving nor am I a child (childish but not a child). I will be eating the equivalent of 6 servings per day (approximately 1200+ calories). Again, I am seeking to use this experience as a journey towards understanding while I grow more and more aware of my position of privilege. Forty days to grow deeper in my understanding of the scarcity of food.

This blog will be a place to share my experience. It will be a place to work out what it means to be part of the privileged class in the world. I will be a place to see how I can combine my love of riding with rasing awareness about the plight of the majority of the citizens of the world A place to share facts and information about hunger and malaria (and just maybe some riding tips and experiences) and how everyone can be part of the solution.

In short: the solution already exists to solve both of these issues — only we, the world community refuse to deploy them. (More on that in the days ahead.)

I ask for your prayers, your support (donations can be made to both of these groups) and that you join me on this journey.

Until the next time….The HOG Father



  1. Judy Belisle

    You rock Nathaniel!!!!The Belisle family is on board with you!!! Forward Ho!!!

  2. Nancy Stone

    Nathaniel you will be in our prayers during your journey. I look forward to reading your blog. Roger and I both love these same two causes. You introduced us to Nothing but Nets and last year at conference we also learned about Stop Hunger Now. I used that as my VBS mission last year.

  3. Nora Sprayberry

    Congratulations on your newest venture, I pray it will inspire others to help both your causes. I will look forward to reading more.

  4. Lauren Adams

    Wow……..You’ve always been an inspiration to me. I pray that you have a wonderful journey and I will be right here supporting and praying for you the entire time.

    • Thanks for your very kind and gracious words — and for your prayers. Just like our journey to Mexico, I will need all the prayers I can get to travel this road. God bless you in your still new marriage. Come down and I will “show you the town.”

  5. jamie jenkins

    Hooray! for you Nathaniel. You have latched onto two wonderful ministries that make a difference. I applaud you and support your efforts.

    • Thanks for your support Jamie. You were the first to comment on the new venture. I look forward to our time on Thursday afternoon.

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