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A little PUB time….

Well tonight was a very good night. I have a group of preacher friends and families that have joined together for a monthly meal time. No real business or agenda, just our families getting together over dinner and sharing family stuff.

For the last 2 months the place of choice to gather has been Maguire’s Irish Pub in downtown Senoia. You will find Maguire’s Irish Pub in the basement of 42 Main Street and at the corner of Main and Seavy, look for the signature wood sign of a hand pointing the way down stairs! As you walk down the brick lined steps and enter through their solid oak speak easy style door you will notice that you are in one of the most unique dinning spots south of Atlanta. You will be greeted by a massive custom fireplace with 14 foot mantle made out of a fallen oak tree. Copper ceilings, 30 foot custom wood bar and a large private dinning room lined with wine racks round out the décor and set the stage for your dinning experience.

Downtown Senoia.

Maguire’s Irish Pub is owned and operated by Frank & Wendy Maguire and Frank’s brother Chris Fives, their restaurant is the realization of a dream to continue the family legacy passed down from their Grand Parents. Specifically, Grandmother Grace Fives who managed the Jolly Fisherman and owned the North Shore Steak House in Long Island New York and then Grandfather Frank Burke who was a kitchen manager at a NY State Hospital.

Their vision is to establish a “Pub” like location that will provide a unique dining experience in an area that is re-energizing its down town economic offering. Their restaurant is family friendly and promises to offer a solid combination of Irish and American gastropub style fare.

So you can see why we chose to meet at eat at Maguire’s during these cooler months. Plans are to move our gathering around and event to move it outside and grill at our homes in the warmer months.

So not only was our meal great, and the conversation around the table(l-r) Wendy Maguire, Kyle Galenski good — but we begin the evening with a conversation with Kyle Galenski, Program Manager for the Atlanta area of Stop Hunger Now. Kyle came down to meet Wendy Maguire and to advance our plans for the Lenten Stop Hunger initiative we have begun.

Being in the food industry, Wendy is all about people and their food. Maguire’s is planning to host Stop Hunger Now (SHN) as their charity of the month for April. This will include placing information about the work of SHN and opportunities for patrons to become involved in the gathering area by the fireplace. Each Tuesday in April there will be a special promotion. These are still in the works but one night 10% of sales will be donated to SHN. Persons will be able to make a donation of $3 and in exchange receive a sample package of the food SHN provides for their own sample taste at home. Purchase of this package of meals will replace the one that goes home and provide a second package as well. There will be limited edition T-shirts for purchase for $10. Sale of the T-shirts provides for 40 meals to be packaged. Plans are being made for a Silent Auction, raffle, and other events one the last Tuesday night as a final celebration. We will calculate the number of meals provided on the first 3 Tuesday nights and see if we can’t double that on the last night. (What? You have to have some kind of goal and challenge.)

It is exciting to see someone besides myself getting excited about this program. I mean, when you think about the crisis that exists around the world, how can we not do something about it?

More people die each year from hunger-related causes than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Between 5 and 6 million children die each year from infections that would not have killed them had they been properly fed.

The industrialized world, including the United States, makes up only 4 percent of the world’s hungry.

More than 2 million children have severe vision problems due to a lack of vitamin A.

The lives of approximately 684,000 children would be saved by increasing access to vitamin A and zinc.

There is enough food in the world to feed everyone 4.3 pounds of food every day (more on that topic to come).

The world has produced enough food to feed itself since the 1960s.

Farmers produce 25 percent more calories per person than they did 30 years ago.

We don’t have to build anything. We don’t have to grow anything. We don’t have to create anything. We already have the resources to stop people from dying of hunger. We only have to provide the means of getting to food to the people. Until governments and other political entities get on board and stop using food to control the world, Stop Hunger Now and other feeding groups will have to stand in the gap.

Again I invite you to join with me and others to make this a reality. You can help by:

Sharing this blog with others so that they can learn about this vital opportunity and one person’s journey of discovery. One person’s attempt to make a difference.

Send your tax-deductible donation today. Why wait until I am living off of these meals to donate? Our plan is to take the funds raised by this Lenten event and host a packaging event here in Senoia. (More on this later. Details are still in the works but it’s going to be GOOD.)

Make your check or money order payable to Stop Hunger Now and send it to: Senoia UMC, Post Office Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276. Our goal is to raise enough to fill a whole container: 280,000 meals. That can feed an orphanage for a year. That can provide food for a school for months. That can keep people alive after major events like the earthquake in Haiti. Won’t you do something TODAY??

Until the next time….The Hog Father



  1. Dan

    Sorry, I had to rush out last night but it was fun while I was there. Looking forward to celebrating Fat Tuesday on the 8th before we get down to the business of “eating.” Talk to you soon…

    • No problem my friend. As Wendy Maguire always says: “It’s all good!” (I hope we can say that after 40 days of SHN food.)

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