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Have you ever thought about how we often take direction for our lives from others without ever thinking about it? When I open the

Children ready to pack meals.

WordPress program to begin a new blog, the title line tells me to: Enter Title Here and I do. I don’t think about it. It says do it and I do without question.


We do the same thing in so many places in our lives. Traffic signals, signs on buildings, people giving us hand signals in traffic (not that one), clerks in the stores, in so many places in life we do what we are told with no thought.

I go into a restaurant and the host/hostess tells me to follow him/her — and I do. I don’t really consider I might be able to express an opinion about where I would like to sit. I just mindlessly follow. If my seat creates a hardship (too much sun, too hot, too whatever) I will maybe complain, but again I let them decide how I get treated.

I get the server they give me. Maybe I like to have a gentleman wait on me, maybe I like blonds, or red heads or whatever. I take the one I am sent — without question.

I order my food, it is prepared the way the restaurant cook choses to prepare it. I may ask for something to be added or subtracted, but they choose the seasoning, the presentation. And I accept their choices without comment.

I pay what they tell me to pay — and I always leave a tip for my server in the amount decided by — well, I don’t know who makes that decision. I just know that society tells me to leave no less than 15% but preferably 20%. No matter that a tip means: To Insure Prompt Service. I leave one even if my service wasn’t that quick.

Ready to verify the proper weight.

And the food. the portions are predetermined. If I want more of one thing and less of another — too bad. And if I can’t eat that much — I get served it anyway. And since my mother told me: “Clean your plate. There are starving children in Africa.” I eat every morsel on my plate. No matter how full I am — I much eat every bite. After all, I am paying for this!


And then I think to myself — how does my plate, clean or not, help or hurt a child in Africa. If I don’t eat it — he/she will never see it. And if I eat all of it, he/she doesn’t miss out on my food. And as for the fact I am paying for this — just who is paying for the groceries at home?

People all over my life are giving me directions — some I ask for, some I don’t, some make sense, some don’t, some benefit my, some don’t. What would happen if I began actually thinking about what I am being told to do? What if I used my own sense and considered the consequences of my actions? Could I improve my life? Could I improve the life of others? Probably.

Thinking will lead me to know that buying that brand of coffee will NOT give me a life of leisure on the porch of a home on the beach in the Caribbean. Hard work, careful investments, and planning will — but not my coffee.

Owning the most expensive car will not make me attractive, virile or smart. Having a new diamond whatever will not make my wife love me

One package = 6 meals for only 25 cents.

more. Providing for her, demonstrating love and faithfulness will.


I cannot change the world by following someone else’s plan. I have to think, ponder, meditate, and reason my own plan. It may or may not look like your’s or someone else’s. But it will be my plan for my life and based on my own choosing. And isn’t that better than just following the crowd?

So maybe being generous to others with my resources, caring about the wellbeing of others, choosing to live on less that others might have some can be a decision I choose to make. Maybe the one that dies with the most toys never really lived? Maybe to save my life I have to lose it? Maybe if I gain the whole world I will lose my soul. And maybe, just maybe — one person choosing to can change the world.

One life touches another live and both lives are changed. One life touches another live and potentially the whole world can be changed. What will you choose today?

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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