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25 cents

Well, it seems I am falling into a habit of not writing on Friday or Saturday each week. Something about being out of the office and spending time with the family. And yet, those of you who are honoring me by reading my thoughts are still faithful to check in on my blog. Thank you for taking time to hear what I am thinking. I am still overwhelmed by the response each day.

On Friday, it was such a beautiful day here. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the tulip trees are in full bloom, the crabapple are blooming — it is beautiful. I took part of the day to rest some, I went to visit a member who was hospitalized and came home to do some of the chores I have been putting off due to the cold weather.

For lunch our family went to a local favorite, The Big Chick. If you like chicken, and you like it deep-fried — the Big Chick is the place to eat. The folks down there really know how to do southern fried well.

I like their Cajun strips. They are not too hot, but they will make your head sweat. My littlest one likes their drum sticks and mashed potatoes with gravy. My wife likes the 2 piece meal and my 12 year-old likes the chicken strips – “normal”. she also likes to dip them in ranch dressing instead of honey mustard or barbecue or even ketchup.

They serve the ranch dressing in little pre-filled containers with a tear-off foil top. There aren’t much bigger than the little glasses churches use for Holy Communion actually. You get one with your meal. Like her father, she likes a little chicken with her dip. So as we ate our way through our food, she ran out of dressing.

She asked if her mother had a quarter so that she could purchase an extra dressing for the remainder of her chicken. Mom didn’t have one but i had a little change from paying for our meal and gave it to her.

She went to the counter and made her transaction — one-quarter for one dressing.

When she got back to the table she placed the dressing down and beside it the remainder of the change. In the change was an additional quarter. As she and I

Taste or a meal?

looked at the table we both had a thought. That quarter could feed a child a whole meal that could make the difference in life and death. And for her it was purchasing a seasoning for her meal so it would simply taste more pleasing. And we were all struck with the profoundness of this thought.


How often we just eat our food without any thought of how lucky we are to have food to eat. We eat without worrying about the next meal or whether there will be enough to satisfy our hunger. Most of the time we aren’t really hungry — we are bored, or nervous, or it’s just time for the meal based on the time of day, or where we are at the time.

As we prepare to eat each meal I ask one of our girls to thank God that we are blessed to have food to eat once again. And we are reminded that it is a privilege and blessing to be able to eat — even if it is not what we would prefer or our favorite, or whatever.

Today, Sunday, I passed up donuts at church, missed lunch due to a meeting with another pastor (my choice), had party food celebrating the 70th birthday of a member of the church, and then went to a birthday dinner for my Administrative Assistant (Happy Birthday Norma!). I didn’t overindulge — but I ate plenty at both events and probably consumed more calories than most people in the third world. And most of what I had to eat was for pure pleasure more than necessity. I mean, cheese straws, cocktail wieners, chips, cheese squares, cake — where is the nutrition in that?

I think it is summed up in the photo above — a quarter will buy better taste for our pleasure — or it will by sustenance food for a starving child that had nothing else to eat. Every day we have a choice to make. Have you thought, or will you think about the choices you make? It really is a matter of life and death. Every 3 seconds someone dies from hunger. Every 6 seconds it is a child.  25 cents will save a life if we use it wisely. Stop Hunger Now — Together we can help end world hunger.

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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