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Day 3: More Rice

Well, it is day 3 of the Lenten fast. If you read my last post you will know what a roller-coaster day Day 1 was. Day 2 was not as emotional but it had its issues.

I got my day started by traveling with my daughter to LaGrange College to hear Dr. Leonard Sweet speak. It was well worth the drive. The since we were already on campus, we made our way to the admissions office to start the process of looking at moving my daughter to LaGrange after she finished at Georgia Highlands College. We then made the day rather hard.

For some reason, I can’t imagine why, my daughter just had to make me drive through at Zaxby’s and buy her some lunch (I mean — it was only 2:30). Now I had eaten only 2.5 cups of the Stop Hunger Now food the day before. I had not had a chance to eat yet, and she wanted to bring that wonderful smell of fried chicken and french fries into the car for a 45 minute drive home. Talk about poking a bear with a sharp stick!!

We got home, ran into the house for a pit stop, and then right back out to make a hospital visit — oh yeah! Still no food yet for me. Spent most of the afternoon and early evening praying for good news from the O.R. The news finally came and I said my goodbyes. Heading home.

Got my rice cooking around 6:30 PM — only one glass of water and one 42 oz. diet coke so far for the day. Got the

Day 1, Meal 1.

rice cooked — sat down and began to eat. I had cup number one — then cup number 2. And surprisingly — I was satisfied. Now this is not the first day I have had like this. And usually I wind up eating a small second meal sometime between dinner and bedtime. But last night that just didn’t happen.


So for the first 48 hours I made it on 4.5 cups of SHN food — something like 1125 calories. Me! Who would have believed it possible.

Tonight, Day 3 I tried something different. I have heard that some of the persons using this food for real sometimes take leftovers and heat them up in a frying pan/on a frying surface. So I got out a frying pan, dumped in a cup of food and began to let it heat up and “fry.” I got it good and hot — and it was actually very good! After I get through here I plan on trying that again.

How am I fairing you may ask? Well, surprisingly very well. I have not had hunger pains, I have had an on-again off-again headaches, but that may be due to a very reduced level of caffeine. I have felt a little light-headed, but that too isn’t too strange. I am not stopping my diet coke habit, but eating at home has reduced how much I drink. At home I only drink water. I get soda when I eat out. Keeps it limited.

I met with Kyle at the SHN office today. He and the team are excited with how this 4 for 40 Project is going. We are getting some media attention, folks are reading our blogs, and some donations have begun to arrive. so far I have received enough from supporters and my own 3 day contribution to provide 1,720 of the 10,000 meals I hope to provide. It is a start but more help is needed.

If you have time, join me Wednesday night at 8:00PM as I get to do an on-air interview with Uncle Rich on 92.5 The Bear in Senoia. That will be a first for me. If you live out  range you can surf to their website and listen on-line! Isn’t technology wonderful!!

SHN’s meal packaging program is a volunteer-based program that coordinates the streamlined packaging of highly nutritious dehydrated meals comprised of rice, soy, vegetables, flavoring and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. The meals are easily transported to crisis-burdened areas or supplied to school feeding programs around the world. The meals cost only $0.25 per meal to create.

Not only do they feed hungry children — which is VERY important — they also mobilize for disasters. They provided meals in Haiti after the earthquake. By now you have heard about the earthquake in Japan. Well, SHN is in the process of mobilizing to send food there as well.

Since its inception, Stop Hunger Now has delivered food aid and disaster relief supplies in the form of food, medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, clothing and blankets to thousands of disaster victims and other hungry and vulnerable people in seventy-nine countries.

Will you join in our efforts? Let’s Stop Hunger. Now.  Visualize a world without hunger. On behalf of the 850 million people who suffer and the 25,000 people who die each day from hunger-related causes – the end to hunger is possible. Please help us. Your tax-deductible donation can be sent to: Stop Hunger Now, c/o Senoia UMC, Post Office Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276. You will receive a receipt for your taxes and your gift will feed a hungry child.

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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  1. stephanie

    hang in there…it is becoming ‘habit’ and you won’t worry so much about things out of your control.

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