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Simply Amazing!

The title says it all for me tonight. Simply Amazing!

I appreciate the support I am receiving from so many persons, locally and all over the nation. I have had folks subscribe to this blog from as far away as Wilmington, NC and Oklahoma. I have received donations from 14 persons totaling $565 which will provide some 2,260 meals. And we are only at day 6. What can happen by the time we reach Easter, the end of this time of fasting, some 34 days from now?

Since I started this Lenten fast and our 4 for 40 Project, I have had numerous opportunities to discuss what we are doing as a team (the 4 of us pastors), what the church I serve is specifically doing, and what others have an opportunity to do as well. It is exciting and simply amazing! We ARE making a difference.

As everyone knows, Japan is suffering under tremendous adversity. The dead toll will be tremendous. The effects on their country — economy, food sources, health issues, power and water needs — are not only very devastating now, but will be so for a long time to come. I have thought about what it must be like over there. If any people were ready for a massive earthquake or tsunami, Japan was — and yet, I don’t think anyone could be prepared for both in a matter of hours. Can you imagine if that had occurred here in America?

As the world community moves to assist the people of Japan, we can do several things to help. The first is to pray for everyone involved, the victims, the rescue personnel, government leadership, world leaders who are trying to provide resources and assistance and individuals who are offering up resources for their aid.

As I have shared my journey of fasting with Stop Hunger Now, I have talked a little about the trials I have experienced, the temptations that have already come my way and other issues. I have been learning along the way about the particulars of some of the places SHN is working and simply asked the pointed question today: What is Stop Hunger Now doing in relation to Japan’s needs?

Their response is: “We are currently contacting our partners in Japan and assessing how we can help. We have communicated with our partners at Feed the Hungry and Lion’s International and have begun discussions on shipping meals to support the relief efforts. Stop Hunger Now is accepting donations through our website for hunger and disaster relief projects such as the one in Japan.”

It is good to know that this food will be provided to a very critical situation — as if the millions of hungry dying every day is not critical. Thinks for a minute. A container of Stop Hunger Now meals will feed 285,120 meals. If you are in a disaster situation, you will probably ration this food out to be sure everyone gets at least something. So if you only split your meal with one other person that will make a container feed 570,240 meals. Now 1/2 of a SHN meal isn’t much, but if you have had nothing for 4 days and you have access to 1/2 of a meal, that beats nothing — and may mean you have something for tomorrow. And all for only 25 cents!

I hope you will choose to make a difference: for Japan and for the other hungry persons in the world. It is getting easier and easier.

Donations can now be made online for our 4 for 40 Project. Simply navigate to: and make your online donation through their secure server. To credit the 4for40 team make it in honor of one of us (Nathaniel, John, David or Dan) or all of us. Proceeds will be used for packaging events at our 4 churches and will then be shipped to those in need or replace supplies that will be used in Japan.

We thank you for your prayers, your thoughts, your sharing this journey with us — and hopefully your financial support.

You can listen in to a live radio interview Wednesday night at 8:00 PM with Uncle Rich and The Bear at 92.5 FM or online.

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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