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OMG! Just as crazy as it is for me to even be blogging, it is that crazy that I would ever use the expression — OMG! But after this day that just about sums it up.

I started my day with a follow-up visit with my doctor. As I have shared previously, he is working with me on getting my weight down and becoming a healthier person. I shared that after the first 8 weeks of our program that I had managed to lose 6 pounds. That still leaves me between wow and are you kidding? It’s not that much for 8 weeks but then after spending several years trying and now to finally get 6 pounds off — that’s not bad.

I am trying to only weigh myself at each doctor visit to avoid feeling like I am not making progress. So today, as is usually the case, the first thing I had to do was step on the scales. And much to my surprise (and the nurse, and the doctor later) I have lost an additional 16 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Now that’s what I am looking for! That means a total of 22 pounds since January 1, 2011.

Now my fast during Lent is not about weight loss and neither is my choosing to eat the Stop Hunger Now meals. My intent for those things is to have a deeper personal understanding of those that are hungry and my role in doing something about it. It is also to draw attention to this crisis in our world and help others see that they can be part of the solution as well.

And attention we are getting!!

The afternoon began with the 4 for 40 Project team finally getting all 4 of us together at the same time and the

The 4 for 40 Project members finally together in one place.

same place. We met for lunch at Senoia UMC as a central location. I prepared a delicious meal for everyone. Slaving over a hot stove forever (at least 20 minutes) I cooked up a wonderful gourmet meal (Stop Hunger Now food). We sat around a table and shared our stories as we ate. It seems not only am I not eating the anticipated quantity of food, but no one is eating the amount we anticipated. And we have all lost a significant amount of weight as a side benefit.






Today we were blessed to spend time with Ted Hall of 11 Alive News in Atlanta. He and Richard (his camera operator) came down to Senoia and interviewed the team: David Blackwood of Trinity UMC, Dalton; Dan Dixon of Mt. Gilead in Sharpsburg; John Mattox of Pleasant Grove UMC in LaGrange. We met at Maguire’s Irish Pub and had a nice time talking about this experience. Ted was a very warm person to talk with — and he even shared a bowl of our wonderful Stop Hunger Now food (and so did Richard). As he left to go back to Atlanta to prepare for the evening news, he even took time to make a personal donation to our efforts.

Our story aired on the 6:00 PM news and we were all impressed with how well it turned out. We were mentioned in 2 teasers as they went to commercial and then lead off for our segment. Most of us looked good on TV.

And that is not all. Tonight was fellowship dinner night. I have had to work in the office all afternoon as the ladies prepared smoked pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, collard greens and cornbread muffins. The smells entering my office were so wonderful. And they had the nerve to actually laugh when they “apologized” for me having to smell such wonderful food. A number of our folks engaged me in conversation about how the whole experience was going and it was exciting to hear their responses to this journey.

Uncle Rich & Dan Dixon


After the dinner, Dan Dixon and I met up in town for a second opportunity to tell our story. We were invited to join Uncle Rich and Chip in a live interview on 92.5 FM The Bear. It was a first for me and it was a great experience. We managed to arrange a telephone hookup with Kyle Galenski from Stop Hunger Now’s Atlanta Warehouse. The whole experience was amazing.





As I went home to be with the family before their bed time, I was just overwhelmed by the whole day’s experience. I thought about how many people might have heard our story tonight. How many hearts and minds did we touch. Did we manage to motivate people to choose to Stop Hunger. Now. The possibilities are there. We just have to wait to see.

I sit here in the office, writing this blog and wonder at this amazing journey. I wonder at what has and is happening. And I am humbled and energized by it all. I mean, it all began as a personal journey inspired by the witness of a friend and his personal journey during Lent last year. I meant to make this MY journey this year and to invite my local congregation to join me in this effort. And now we have been on the radio, on a major network news broadcast, I am writing a blog that has readers subscribed in NC, VA, OK, GA, and I know of a family in MA that follows me on Facebook.

Our primary goal was to bring awareness about hunger in the world to people and to help them see that a solution already exists. I think we can say we have accomplished that pretty well. The second goal is growing daily — to raise funds to actually make a difference. Each of us has managed to raise close to 1/2 of the funds needed to hold a packaging event at our church — $2,500 or 10,000 meals. We are grateful for everyone’s support. But to reach our goal we need more person to choose to Stop Hunger. Now. And it’s as simple as a quarter. Twenty-five cents feeds a starving child and could potentially save their life. For the cost of a can of soda you can feel 6 children. For the cost of my usual lunch in town I can feed 60 children. What about you? How many children could you feed if you chose to?

We invite you to choose to make a life saving difference. You can now donate online at: You can donate to us as a group or you can specify on of us in the “honor” option. Help us complete the Project. Help us make it: 4 for 40 for 40,000.

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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