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Well, life seems to be moving faster and faster. I can’t believe I haven’t written on a week. Sorry folks.

I celebrated my 49th birthday on Monday. I am now knocking on the door of being half a century old. And that is encouraging and disheartening at the same time. I am pleased to be in good health, sound of limb and (hush now) mind. It is a little scary in I have so much I want to have in place for my children before I die — and I’m not close.

This week has been good for Stop Hunger Now. Maguire’s has hosted us as the charity of the month for the last 3 weeks — one more to go. We have raised a nice sum there. Last night the special event was a desert — a special cake with chocolate icing and topped with chocolate drizzle. We sold out in just over 2 hours! 

We will be bringing this special back on April 26 for our last night at Maguire’s. We hope to double the funds we have received that night–but that won’t happen if folks don’t come out to support us. It is a great night out. Good food, good atmosphere, friendly staff, and a wonderful desert — and it all helps Stop Hunger. Now.

The team and I have been really blessed in this journey. We have learned things about ourselves, our churches, our communities, our global community and how one person – with a quarter – can actually change the world for someone.

Because I can, and because it is something I am passionate about, I took a

Along the river in TN.

motorcycle ride for my birthday. I purchased my tag ($271), a tank of fuel ($20) and headed north towards the Tennessee line. I left out around noon and by late afternoon I was in the corner of Georgia turning west to Tennessee and south into Alabama. I stopped to check my map and met a retired firefighter who was also riding a Harley — a Firefighter’s Special with a trailer. He lived in the area and gave me great directions on a route that was not on the map across the mountain ridge, down into the valley, across a cool bridge and south towards home. What a wonderful

Cool Bridge.

chance encounter!

I made my last stop in Centre, AL for fuel, a drink, and a rest stop. Got geared up for the cooler temps after sundown, and headed home — arriving around 11PM. I covered around 451 miles, three states, and had a WONDERFUL time. 

As I rode I had time to reflect on just how blessed I have been for the last 49 years. I was born into a family that welcomed me, loved me, provided for my needs (and many wants) fed me, gave me health care, and encouraged me to strive for my fullest potential. I have never had a day that I did not eat well (not always what I like, but I have never been hungry). I have been properly clothed for each season. I have had my mind challenged through education, skill training, and cultural events. I have been truly blessed.

I reflected on the facts that for most of the world’s population, my life is only a dream. Something you hear about as unbelievable. A fairy tale, a story, something the will never happen for them.

And the reality is, we can come together and make this fairy tale become a reality for those persons. One of the things I love about Stop Hunger Now is the reality that the solution to the hunger in the world ALREADY EXISTS. We just have to decide to make it a reality. And you and I can do that one child, one meal, one-quarter at a time.

I encourage you to choose to be part of the solution today. Our Lenten focus is drawing to a close. Sunday is Easter Sunday — the end of the fast. We will receive the Lenten gifts from our churches on Sunday and it looks like each of us will meet our minimum goal — 10,000 meals. We can do more! With your help we can feed more children, we can prevent more persons from suffering and dying from nutrition related illness.

Plans are underway for our team to lead a packaging event at East Coweta Middle School under the leadership of Dr. Cook. ECMS is participating in Rachel’s Challenge.  Part of this anti-bullying focus is encouraging folks to be a link in the chain of change. Those who participate are asked to DO something to bring about change. Thanks to the vision of Dr. Cook and her faculty (with support from the superintendent), the students of ECMS will have the opportunity to change the world. We will have 2 “shifts” of students packing with assistance from leaders in the student body from East Coweta High School. Our hope is to package between 10,000 & 20,000 meals in one day. The determining factor is financial support. If you or your business or group would consider helping us fund this learning/packaging event; please send your donation marked ECMS-SHN to: Senoia UMC, P.O.Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276 and we will make sure it gets there.

I want to say thanks for all the support we have received so far — and for the continued support in the future. Still to come, after the ECMS event, is a motorcycle ride/carnival, a motorcycle ride with the N. GA Annual Conference of the UMC and after that? Who knows!

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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