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Where’s The Hog Father?

I flatter myself that someone might actually wonder where I have been since I have been so slow lately in posting. For the start, Holy Week and Easter have passed by. It’s like Christmas only so much more moving if you actually invest your mind, heart and spirit in focusing on the events.

As for the 4 for 40 Projectteam — we are beyond the Lenten Fast and still gathering steam. It appears that

The 4 for 40 Project Team. l-r:David Blackwood, John Mattox, Dan Dixon, Nathaniel Long

all 4 of us are going to hit our  minimum goal of 10,000 meals. Each pastor/church will set their date to host a packaging event where these meals will be prepared. For our team here in Senoia that date is going to be Wednesday, May 25 following a Fellowship Dinner. If you are not participating in our church (or any church) and would like to join us for this meal and event, you can make your reservation on our website. Just follow the link to the Events page and click the link to the event and then the email link there to make your reservation. Meals are usually $5 per Adult.

As for where does The Hog Father go from here? Where, oh where, is The Hog Father?

Well, things are still rushing along. I and others are seeking financial support to fund a Packaging Event at East Coweta Middle School as part of the Rachel’s Challenge Chain Reaction. This is a program operated in the memory of  the first girl killed in the Columbine School shooting. It is an effort to help students know that they can bring change to their lives, their school, their community, and to the world. It also assists in helping them find constructive ways to deal with bullying in their lives.

Right now funding is growing, but additional funds are needed. We will have 2 groups of about 100 students packing for about 1.5 hours in 2 shifts. To make this a really worthwhile event, we are trying to raise enough to fund 20,000 meals. I think (dangerous I know) we may be around the halfway mark at this time. Donations can be mailed to: ECMS Event, c/o Senoia UMC, Post Office Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276. Make your check payable to: Stop Hunger Now and they will send you a receipt for your taxes.

So far I have kept the weight off. Returning to eating “real food”has not proven too difficult. The real issue is

Dan's meal of choice on the last Maguire's Night. (I warned you my friend -- I did use it!)

the hunger/nibbling/grazing desire has returned. That still amazes me. Eating 1-2 cups of “rice” equal to 220-440 calories was satisfying — and now I am probably eating something like 1,000 calories and I crave, desire, “hunger” for snacks and such. Amazing!

The number of persons that have supported me by their prayers, their words of encouragement, their financial gifts, their help getting the word out, and coming up — helping with the 2 packaging events really bless my spirit.  I am flattered that so many persons found my efforts worth supporting.

And speaking of support…..

You can't miss me now. Watch for The Hog Father on the road.

Plans are being made for a 3rd phase of this effort. After the East Coweta Middle School event we are planning a Motorcycle Ride in late June or mid July. This will be a ride that will leave Senoia UMC travel through the country (what didn’t get crushed in the last series of severe weather) and return to the church. When we return there will be a “carnival” of sorts. Games, face painting, balloons, food, and such. Everything will be donated (we hope) and so every quarter we collect will purchase more meals. (I plan on making everything some multiple of 25 cents — kind of a theme, you know?) There will be good food, fun for the children, and to top it all off, a free concert by a really great bunch of folks — did I say free?

Of course you don’t believe that. There is no free lunch (or dinner or breakfast for that matter). We will

Packing. Anyone can do it!

pass the hat (or bucket or something) and receive donations during the concert to raise additional funds for more meals. Now, does that mean if you are broke, or do not have much “discretionary spending” to use that you should not come? Of course not! Everyone will be welcome. Some of us — actually MOST of us — can afford to contribute.  It’s not how much we each give, it’s WILL each of us give.

On my desk is a page I picked up at Table Talk in town today. It is titled: the 3/50 project. (Think I will sue for copyright theft — sounds a lot like the 4 for 40 project to me). Its premise is that if a person will think of 3 businesses that are independently owned that one would miss if they closed, and if just one half of the employed population spent $50 each month in those businesses it would generate more that$42.6 billion in revenue. For every $100 spent in those stores, $68 returns to the local community through taxes, payroll, and other expenses. If it is spent through a national chair only $43 stays in the local economy.

Now, I am not going to engage in politics here. Nor am I here to push this philosophy on you. However, if this is the result of our purchasing power — think what our giving power can accomplish. If spending just $50 per month by half of the employed in the US can generate $42.6 billion, what would a donation of $50 per month accomplish in feeding the hungry?42.6 billion would translate into something like

Purchasing power. It's what makes 25 cents go so far!

170.4 billion meals. (Now my math may be sketchy, but you get the point.) That might actually make a dent in the world’s hunger problem. And that is ONE MONTH.

So you can see, this really isn’t that hard, complicated, or truly painful for those of us who are so richly blessed.

Thank you for what you have done, thank you for what you are doing, and thank you for what you will choose to do today, tomorrow, and in the days and weeks ahead. Come join the fun. Come join the effort. Come join the packing events. Come join the excitement. Come join the ride. Come join the carnival. Come join the concert. Come join the fun. Come join the effort. Come join in being part of solving a problem that should NOT be a problem. Unlike many diseases — hunger is curable, TODAY. Let’s Stop Hunger. NOW!

Until the next time….The Hog Father

The Hog Father... 40+ pounds ago.

Keep an eye out. You just might see me on the road.


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