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Let’s Pack!

On May 27, the very last day of school for Coweta County, we gathered at East Coweta Middle School with about 200 6th graders and had grand time. Even though it was the last day of school, and for the second group it was the end of the day — we packages 20,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now

It was loud, it was frantic, it was chaotic, it was high energy — and it was great! To see students packaging  meals for student s around the world very much like themselves was inspiring. And it hopefully helped them see that even as a 6th grader — one person CAN make a difference.

Tomorrow night, we will gather at Senoia UMC to package another 10,000 meals. We had to push back our date due to the death of a member of our community. If you have time and are in the area – come on by and see what we are doing. And join in.

All together, by the June 5, we will have funded and packages 50,000 meals. Not too bad for 4 overweight average pastors and their communities. And it is all due to the generosity of our congregations, friends and families.

I will be going away for a little while. Vacation is calling and to be honest, I won’t be connecting to the internet while I am gone. Sometimes you just have to “unplug.” After all, scripture tells us Jesus himself often drew apart to rest and listen to God before starting a new path.

Thanks for your support, Thanks for your donations, and thanks for helping. While I am gone — Stop Hunger Now can still use your support. Donate here. And when I get back — I need sponsors and helpers for an upcoming Motorcycle Ride/Carnival event in late July or early August. Save your quarters!

What a blessing…..

Until the next time……The Hog Father,


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