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Taking SHN on the Road

Ok. So you have probably read enough to know that I am simply “mad” about Stop Hunger Nowand its work. And you probably also

You can't miss me now. Watch for The Hog Father on the road.

know that I will use any excuse to go on a motorcycle ride. And if I can combine the 2 — I’m in heaven!

And that is just what is in the works.

I have a very dear friend that travels a great deal with his work. He is always sending me notes about the places he gets to see, the wonderful sights he is blessed to witness and the temptation to get together and ride our motorcycles on some of these trips.

At the end of July, we are finally making this happen. Plans are to ride from the metro Atlanta area up through Tennessee out to Colorado Springs, CO, ride around the mountains there then wander down to Albuquerque, NM. He will fly back to his home base of Orlando, FL and I will find my way back, solo, to Georgia. This will cover some 3,000+ miles. Just what the doctor ordered (or would if I was the DR.). And all along the way, I will sport my Stop Hunger Now logo and blog address, wear my SHN T-shirts, and seek to share the SHN message with anyone, anywhere, at any time I can do so — in an effort to create more awareness of the world hunger issue. And if I am lucky, someone might just make a donation.

Along with this trip, I am building a team to plan, advertise, and execute a Motorcycle/Carnival Event locally, AND to generate interest


within my church denomination for a Motorcycle Event — both to be called: The Thunder to End World Hunger: The Seven Thunder’s Ride. The date has yet to be finalized, but it looks like we are heading towards August or September. To be sure, I will post details here as they become clear. If you are someone, know someone, or can find someone who would donate their skill, craft, activity to this effort, please send them my way.

I still have the grand dream that with everything added up, between Mt. Gilead UMC-Sharpsburg, Pleasant Grove UMC-LaGrange, Senoia UMC-Senoia, Trinity UMC-Dalton, East Coweta Middle School, the 2 motorcycle events — that we will raise enough funds to package the whole 280,000+ meals that will fill a shipping container by Christmas. So far we have made a good start — 50,000 meals will have been packaged by June 12. That is a good start, but we can do more. So don’t stop now. Let’s keep those quarters coming and those meals going. I have a bank in my office, and a matching one in the church narthex for them to be placed within — and as they add up, we will package meals. 

I am taking a family vacation this week. It begins at 5:30 AM on Saturday. So — I shall bless you and remain silent for a few days.

Unloading supplies for the East Coweta Middle School Event.

However, when I return — there will be photos, videos, and more information about what we have accomplished, and what we can still accomplish. 

I want to say thank you once again for all the support, donations, and encouragement I have received. I never dreamed it would follow this path. 

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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