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Well, this has been a grand experience. I have gone from a daily blog posting to no post for over 2 weeks. And yet, folks keep looking to see — and that is flattering.

It has been a full time since my last post. I have had time to take a vacation with the kids thanks to a surprise gift from friends and the hospitality of other friends. I have attended my denomination’s Annual Conference where we conduct our “business” of setting ministry goals, reviewing ministry successes and other outcomes, and listen for God to guide us into the coming year and beyond.

I got home in time to set up and participate in our Vacation Bible School. We were blessed to have a total of 52 children attend over the course of 5 nights. With around 30 adult volunteers we had a wonderful time sharing Jesus with these young lives. Our prayer is that they will stand one day and give witness that they have known Jesus from a very young age.

My 2 youngest children attended summer camp right on the heals of VBS. My youngest attended the Mini-Camp at Camp Glisson — the older one got to do a full week. Since we had to deliver them on Sunday, pick up the little one on Tuesday and back on Friday — the wife and I took a couple of days to relax in the mountains. Following 2 rather intense thunderstorms, we picked up the child and returned home. 

Arriving home I learned of 2 deaths in our church community. One lady I never had the privilege to know and one I had begun to know. And once again life handed me a set of polar opposite emotional situations. The joy, relaxation and pride of the weekend and the profound grief of facing death.

In my world this happens rather often. In the world of the average person living in this country, not so much. But in the life of most of the world, they experience the grief portion of my life far more than they ever get to experience the relaxing and joyful time of leisure time at a resort.

And that is what keeps me motivated to support and promote the Stop Hunger Now message and actions. It is because I can personally have an impact on the lives of others by collecting the quarters (and of course larger contributions are welcome) and talking with folks about how they can help.

As we celebrate the freedom that comes from living here in the United States of American, let us not forget that with great privilege comes great responsibility. As Tom Hank’s character says in the movie: Saving Private Ryan ” Live your life so that it was worth it.”(or something like that) Let us so live our lives that the sacrifice of many — in the past and this very day — is worth what they and their families have given. And let us add our own effort, dedication, and sacrifice to theirs so that all of God’s children — without regard to political station — may have life abundant. One quarter, one meal, one child at a time.

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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