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Death & Life

I know. Strange title and thought.

I mentioned my girls going to camp and coming home to the reality of 2 deaths in our church. I have contemplated that for the last several days. And then learned of the death of a former member of a congregation I served, and talked with the daughter of a previous member who died not too long ago.

So here is my weird twist of thinking on death.

Here in the U.S. death is almost unknown. We have access to wonderful medical care, drugs, clean & Healthy food, and many other wonderful things that make or keep us healthy. When we get sick, we call the doctor. We take medicine. We have surgery. We rest. We eat better. We have so much that makes us strong and healthy.

And with all of this, we are a nation killing ourselves with obesity, drug abuse, poor health, bad diets, lack of exercise….We have abused our bodies, our resources, and our opportunities. We have such privilege and position — and we abuse it, waste it, and ignore it.

When we get sick, I mean REALLY sick, we come together as a family, summon medical professionals, and seek to defy nature. And when death arrives, we are shocked. We are devastated. We are profoundly effected. 

All the while there are millions around the world with little or no clean water, not enough food, no medicines, no doctors, no time to rest or recover from illness. They spend nearly every moment in pursuit of the next morsel of food or water, trying to keep body and soul together. 

And when death comes, it is not a stranger. It is a daily companion because it comes regularly, it comes frequently. It comes not only for the sick and the elderly — it comes for the babies, the children, the young adult, the adult, the men, the women, the aged and the sick. And there is no surprise when it arrives. Every 3 seconds of every day someone dies from hunger related issues. And the heart-break is that every 6 seconds that death is a child. And the real crime……

…..every one of these deaths can be prevented. Hunger related illness and death can be CURED by — food. And in the world today, we produce enough food for every living being to eat 4.3 pounds of food EVERY DAY

So as I grieve the deaths of members of my congregations — past and present — I also grieve the loss of so many each day. And I remain committed to doing what I can do to stop this process. One quarter, one meal — one child at a time. 

Will you stay committed with me to the work of Stop Hunger Nowand make a donation? I can still direct your gifts to this effort. Mail your check payable to: Stop Hunger Now, c/o Senoia UMC, P.O.Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276. Together we can make death a stranger to the world.

Until the next time…..The Hog Father,


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