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A NEW Fast

I am still amazed at how much support, interest, and excitement my fasting journey received during the season of Lent. And I am so very excited that the end result has been the packaging of 50,000 Stop Hunger Now meals.

So now I am embarking on a new fast. One with less lofty goals. One with a shorter duration. One that actually will impact a very few persons — but one that I believe will be good and helpful.

Beginning at 4:00 am on Monday, July 18 I plan on embarking on a Smart Phone fast. I will depart for a one in a lifetime

Keep an eye out, you may just see me pass by.

trip with a dear friend, Al. We will be meeting up in Cartersville and then travel to St. Louis, MO on the first leg of a 7-11 day motorcycle ride to the west. As a part of this trip I plan to fast from my email my Facebook, my Blog, my Phone, and text messages. I will check in with my wife and office each night, but hope to get “unplugged” from the cyber world for a few days. 

This new age of “hyper-availability” can bring with it stress, fatigue, and a sense of never being away from work. And quite frankly, I need a break. Nothing is wrong, I am not aggravated, but it helps to take a break from things — even good things.

There are some that would like to see photos and notes as I travel, and my instinct is to do this. But what is wrong with saving that information until I get back and have a chance to process it and share the best? And that is what I plan to do.

So keep saving your quarters, and I will keep sharing the news of Stop Hunger Now in my conversations, with the stickers on the Harley as I ride, and we will keep feeding hungry children.

So for a very accurate statement……

Until the next time……The Hog Father,



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