the hog father

Random Thoughts

How soon….

I can’t believe how fast time moves past. When I began posting this blog I was writing every night. And in just a short time, here I am letting weeks go by between posts.

Now it’s not like I think my thoughts are so profound that others can’t live without them. And it’s not like I am terribly profound in my writing at any level.

But it is my hope that my ramblings here are making a difference. During my fast in Lent supporters contributed enough to pay for over 20,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now. And it is my hope, many learned that everyone can make a difference and actually save a life — one-quarter at a time.

I write tonight as a committee deliberates in the process of evaluating my effectiveness as a minister of the Gospel. It is a very humbling experience to say the least. How do you quantify sharing the Gospel? Do you count the number that attend worship? That attend any event? Do you look at how much money is contributed? How much gets spent? Do you judge based on how many persons join or leave the membership?

How do you rate a pastoral visit? What is a “good” hospital visit? Home visit? What about the phone calls? The conversations in town?

It is easy to see that trying to quantify such thinks is difficult. However, these numbers do show some measure of effectiveness. It isn’t everything, but it is something. I hope they are gentle with me tonight.

It is the same way when trying to measure one’s effectiveness in changing the world. Is it enough that I donated enough money to feed 40 meals? 400 meals? 4,000 meals? Is it enough that I gave once? twice? What if I am moved to give to another cause this time instead? I mean, those dying of malaria are just as needy as those dying of hunger.

This is where I believe God is gentle with us. I believe we listen to His leading for where, when and how much we give to the various causes in our world. It’s like Golden Corral. There is a huge buffet of food choices. We are hungry. The decision is what will I eat this time to satisfy my need for food. How much will I eat/ In what sequence will I eat it? In the end, I will be fed, and the bill will be paid. And it will be different nearly every time.

So will be my efforts to change the world. This time it is Stop Hunger Now, next time maybe Imagine No Malaria, or MDA, or cancer research, or fill in the blank. As I stated in the beginning of this journey, Stop Hunger Now and Imagine No Malaria are the two ministries I am passionate about at this time. I invite you to consider joining me on this path. You can make donations directly to these groups, or you can route them through our church in support of our efforts. Either way, 100% gets to them.

Send you gift to: Senoia UMC, P. O. Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276 and we will send it for you.

Thanks for being part of this journey. Thanks for caring. Thanks for changing the world — one-quarter, one meal, one child at a time……or one bed net ($10) at a time!

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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