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They are moving!!

Well, again it has been too long since I stopped to write. But I have good news!

The Stop Hunger Now meals that have been packaged as a result of many persons’ efforts — including those from the 4 for 40 team, the East Coweta Middle School event — have shipped! They are on the way from the warehouse in Marietta, GA directly to LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry to go on to Liberty Christian Center in Liberia. There they will be used in their orphanage feeding program serving eight orphanages around Monrovia, Liberia.

Liberty Christian Center is registered as a charitable, not-for-profit corporation with the Republic of Liberia. LCC is considered an NGO by the government of Liberia. The Liberty Christian Center will use the fortified meals in nutrition programs for hundreds of children in eight orphanages. The food will be stored at a central secure warehouse in Monrovia and distributed by truck to each orphanage bi-monthly. All orphanages are within 50 miles of Monrovia.

To find out more about LeSEA’s Feed the Hungry program around the world, please visit their website.

What wonderful news! Our efforts have truly begun to make a difference. And the great thing about it — we can keep doing it.

I am still promoting Stop Hunger Now. I ride the SHN Harley regularly — over 700 miles just this past Sunday. Through Georgia, across South Carolina, through western North Carolina and back. I rode for 4,822 miles across the west in July. Keep your eyes open, I might just ride past you! And when I do, please speak to me and if you can — share a few quarters with me. I am in the process of trying to raise an extra $7,000. I have been invited to travel with SHN to visit one of the sites where the meals are being used. The total cost of this trip is $1,700 plus a few extras.

And on the last day of class in May, we will once again host a packaging event at East Coweta Middle School. We need $5,000 to fund their packing event of 20,000 meals again this year. So save those quarters — and send them in.

Every donation helps and can actually save a life. Remember, it only takes 25 cents to buy a meal that will feed one child for one more day. Can you help?

What a blessing to know our efforts are part of a shipment of 285,120 meals on the way to hungry children! Thank you for your part in making this a reality.

Until the next time….The Hog Father,














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