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Crossing lines

So a few days ago, Kyle realizes he over booked himself for packaging events. He could not be at the airport packing and also in Marietta. So he sent out an SOS.

Since the other members of the are Stop Hunger Now team were unable to respond, I chose to skip out on a church fellowship meal to help. (No, I’m not trying to sound like a hero, but I had hoped someone else would be able to help him.)

I rode the Stop Hunger Now Harley to First Presbyterian Church in Marietta to help them with a packing event. I arrived as they were finishing their meal and they had members ready to get started right away. Fortunately for me, Kyle and others had everything set up and ready to go.

I got to share some of the history of Stop Hunger Now and how it was feeding the hungry with members and then walked through the packing process. And then we began…..!

It always amazes me how excited people get when they are packing meals. It felt like my role was that of the rider pulling back on the reins of an excited race horse trying to help it pace itself so that it will be able to complete the race.

There were persons of all ages packing. Retired seniors down to a very cute 4-year-old that was helping her dad move meals from the funnel tables to the weighing station.

In what seems like no time at all we were celebrating our first 1,080 meals (5 cases) with the gong and cheering. And suddenly we were ringing the gong for our last case making for over 15,000 meals packed. And as I helped Kyle load up the last of the gear (he got there in time to wrap up and load) I had a lady ask where to put another donation for meals. What a wonderful blessing it was!!

I have shared one-to-one with many persons about Stop Hunger Now as I have ridden all over the Southeast. I have logged something like 4-5,000 miles on the Harley in the last 45 days and on almost every trip I have someone ask about the ministry. What a blessing to be able to talk about how this organization is feeding the hungry and how easy it is to make a live changing contribution.

If you or your church, your club, your business want to change lives — contact us and let us show you how. Or just follow the link and make a donation today. I need to raise $7,000 by the end of May to fund our packing event at East Coweta Middle School and a trip I have been invited to take to visit SHN partners overseas. It is as easy as a quarter. 25 cents buys a meal, feeds a child, saves a life. 

Until the next time…..The Hog Father,


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