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Morning All! Let’s do this!

I just wanted to share a reminder that today is the start of Stop Hunger Now’s G-Team Campaign through!  Please visit this  link to make a gift today to fund life saving meals.  Each $8 gift will provide 32 life saving meals.  

We are aiming to raise enough funds to host a packaging event at the Atlanta Warehouse.  However, we need a minimum of 35 donations to get any funds at all.  Groupon Campaigns function on a tipping point principle.  Your donation will not be charged unless we receive a total of 35 or more donations.   However, once we reach the tipping point of 35 donations, all money donated through this campaign will go directly to SHN.  It is my hope that we will raise enough funds to have an open event at the warehouse but we need to get the word so people support this campaign.  So, please share the news of our campaign with your friends, families, churches and offices!  Check out the Stop Hunger Now Atlanta post on Facebook and share the link!  

Thank you for a playing a role in the movement to end world hunger.  Through donations like these, we will achieve our vision of world without hunger.

Kyle Galenski
Program Manager – Atlanta
1000 Williams Drive Suite 1022
Marietta, GA 30066

404.461.9581 Office
404.312.3913 Cell
866.298.7603 Fax


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