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The End Nears

As the end of 2011 comes into view, it is a chance to reflect. I reflect on the path I have traveled since I began this blog in February. I think about the journey I have been on as I lived on the meals for 47 days, helped fund 50,000 meals, helped a church pack meals, watched the Atlanta area grow in meals packaged, took a trip of a lifetime on the Harley, and how I continue to see God’s lessons in the world around me.

A couple of pictures appeared on Facebook putting into sharp contrast the American experience of Christmas and what much of the world experiences. I don’t know where they came from, but here is one that tears at your heart.

In 2012 we hope to see 2.5 million meals packaged through Atlanta and the area. I am planning to travel with Stop Hunger Now to Nicaragua to see the feeding program in person and learn how that works. This creates a new fund-raising need. I need to raise $800 by January 20 to fund my deposit and then an additional $800 by mid february to pay the balance. The 4 for 40 link is still up if you can and will help.

You know, I worry about a dying computer, a dead printer, cars that need major repairs, and the frustration of dealing with a society that places family gatherings ahead of worship of God — and then I remember the child that dies every 6 seconds of every minute of every hour of every day and I pray for forgiveness and repent of my self-serving attitude.

May God use me to change the world for a child. My quarters are slowly building up. Can you help me feed a child for a day? Can you spare 25 cents?

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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