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Twenty-Five Cents

Twenty-five cents. A quarter of a dollar. Two bits. 25 pennies. Any way you say it — it represents different rent things to different people in different places.

“Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar. All for [insert the name of your team] stand up and holler.”

“Shave and a hair cut, 2 bits.”

Twenty-five cents will buy an extra packet of sauce at a fast food restaurant. In most places it will buy a gum ball or toy from a vending machine. Back when you could find one, it would pay for a telephone call from a  pay phone. It is used for most coin tosses to decide who begins a game or wins a basic wager.

Quarters have been around a long time. And for those that know, they can now buy a whole meal for a child who might otherwise not get to eat. A meal that gives proper nutrition and is filling to the belly.

Each Stop Hunger Now meal provides 226 calories that includes 11 grams of protein per serving. And
based on my own taste test (remember I lived on these for 47 or 50 days last Lenten season) they taste pretty good. Granted, not my favorite, but then I am spoiled to meat, potatoes, and bread that are highly seasoned.

It has gotten to the point that I cannot look at a quarter without trying to pull it out and drop it into the bank in my office. I have to be careful not to snatch them away from the kids. I find them on the ground, in my change at stores, and I even take a shot at snagging them from others when they are not paying attention — “Hey, you keeping that quarter?”

Not only do I like the meals, but the children that receive them like them as well.

“I love Stop Hunger Now rice a lot…I can’t have enough of this rice. When my parents send me to school without anything to eat, they don’t worry because they know I will eat at school. I pray every day for the people who send the rice.” –Jean Kendy, 2nd grade student from Cite Soleil School Haiti

Each meal is composed of dehydrated rice, soy, vegetables, flavoring and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. And it does this for only 25 cents a serving!

I am excited to be invited to travel to Nicaragua in March with Stop Hunger Now to meet the persons that are distributing these meals and the children that benefit from the meals. I will see first hand how this effort directly impacts those in need. What a blessing that will be.

As the weather begins to improve around my part of the world, I hope to ride the Stop Hunger Now Harley to each US warehouse to meet the staff there and to see what their part of this ministry looks like.

I invite you to pray for this effort and to pray for the children that receive these meals. I also invite you to join the effort. Why not host a packaging event where you are: at your church, your school, your business. $25 packs 100 meals. $2,500 packs 10,000 meals. Even in this difficult economy quarters can be found and collected.

Thanks for your continued support of my efforts and my blog. Please share this with others as you can. Donations can be sent to: Senoia UMC, P. O. Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276 payable to Stop Hunger Now. Or give online.

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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