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Saturday. Usually a day to clean house, work in the yard, finish things that didn’t get finished during the week in preparation for Sunday worship. Sometimes a meeting.

And then there are times like yesterday.

Yesterday our family got up and cleaned house. We finished “hiding” the boxes that contain our Christmas decorations. We trapped many dust bunnies. We made the place smell of cleaning agents and it was good.

We also had very dear friends drive down to spend the afternoon. After they arrived, we walked up to our town and the ladies began to shop. After a couple of stores, my buddy suggested that the 2 of us drop by the Senoia Coffee & Cafe and let him get a cup of fresh roasted, fresh brewed coffee and just visit while the ladies continued to shop. So we did.

We were joined a couple of hours later by the rest of the gang, visited a while longer and then walked up to Maguire’s Family & Friends Irish Pub for dinner. After a really nice dinner, we returned to the coffee shop for coffee and desserts. And again, a really nice time.

It was a really good day. The kind of day I dreamed about when I learned that Senoia would be my new home. The kind of day I enjoy most. (Well, if I can’t take a ride on the Harley that is…)

As I reflected about this wonderful day, and our wonderful friends, I also reflected on what dominated our conversation and my mind.

In just a few weeks I will begin a new journey in my life. I will travel with Stop Hunger Now to Nicaragua to see the work of their partners in actually feeding the children for which we package the meals. And I feel somewhat guilty.

We spent a good of time discussing what I should do about preparing for this trip. Shots, luggage, what to pack, what to expect, the flight down and back — so many details that a novice traveler like me wants to know. I know how to pack and travel going by land. But out of the country is a new concept.

And then, there is the issue of realizing what we spent on coffee, dinner, dessert and coffee. I don’t know what his bill for everything was, but it had to be close to mine. And we could have fed something like 600-700 meals for what we spent in half of a day.

This brings me to realize just how lucky we are. How fortunate I am by virtue of birth. And with that fortune comes responsibility. It again makes me ponder the stewardship of my resources. What I spend on “pleasurable things” could make such a difference in the lives of so many.

I don’t think God wants me to never have pleasure. But I do think there is a level of responsibility to be wise in my stewardship. Can I do more? Will I do more?

I hope I am on track. But I will keep looking at it, re-evaluating it, and making it better. After all, it only takes a quarter to feed a child. A quarter lets a child survive another day. And we can change the world one-quarter, one child, one day at a time.

Would you consider a contribution today? Donate here or send your gift to: Senoia UMC, PO Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276.

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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