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I have been humbled yet again.

Back when I first entered the ministry, one of the events I attended featured an author/speaker who shared her testimony. She was interesting, inspiring and encouraging. I purchased 2 of her books and have used her material on various occasions. Her name: Cathy Lee Phillips.

Recently Cathy moved back to Newnan and I had the opportunity to renew our acquaintance. She still writing and speaking. I highly recommend her for your group.

She called me up and we met for lunch a while back. She asked to interview me about my Harley. I was flattered. Little did I know she wasn’t going to just use me as an footnote in one of her storied, she wrote an article on my that recently came out in the March/April issue of Newnan-Coweta Magazine. And it humbled me.

I have been trying to get out the message of Stop Hunger Now for sometime. This BLOG is part of that effort. The labels on my Harley are part of that effort as well. And to a certain extent I and others have been successful. But to have my story told, and more importantly, the story of SHN told is wonderful and exciting.

If you live in the area, please pick up a copy and share it with your friends. Not to promote ME, but to promote the efforts of Stop Hunger Now. 

As as always, donations are what make the efforts of Stop Hunger Now become realities. Twent-five cents can buy a meal, that can feed a child, that make make the difference in that child seeing another day. And we all can afford that.

Until the next time….The Hog Father,



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