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Back on the Road

Well, it is back on the road once again. It is hard to believe, but tomorrow I will fly to Nicaragua for a few days with Stop Hunger Now to visit various locations where the Stop Hunger Now meals are actually being served.

When we arrive in Managua, our ORPHANetwork team members will meet us there with a bus and we will go to a local restaurant for lunch, from there we will tour the city and head to our “home base”, the team center at Casa Bernebe, to settle in, have dinner and get together for “porch time”.

Now the only airplane rides I have taken have been NY to ATL, ATL to NY and NY back to ATL. This flight I have been told will last about 4-5 hours and will be over water most of the way. The only place I have visited outside of the US has been 2 trips to Mexico and a hop over and back into Canada.

I am looking forward to this trip. It will complete a journey for me. I have raised money for SHN. I have packaged meals for SHN. Now I will see where the meals go and maybe even help prepare and serve the meals. And along the way I ate and lived on the meals for 47 days.

A while back the family and I ate dinner at a local buffet. It is a place where you can get vegetables and such. On our way out, we noticed the vending machines where you can buy gum, tattoos, and toys. Ever observant, my daughter pointed out how “expensive'” these items were — and we had conversation about that cost. And then, we discussed how that kind of money could do so much more through SHN. One machine cost 50 cents and one was 75 cents. For the cost of a gum ball, or a toy, you could feed 2-3 children. Wow!

And so it goes. The only real reason people go hungry in the world today is due to a lack of priorities and a willingness to distribute the food. While out of town, we were having to eat out for our meals. We discovered we could save from $1.50-$2.00 by not ordering drinks, but drinking water. That could been 6-8 meals. And we didn’t really miss those drinks.

I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me. And I am looking forward to packing more meals with the East Coweta Middle School in May. Your contribution would help us ensure those 6th graders get to package many meals for other students.

You can send your check payable to Stop Hunger Now, c/o Senoia UMC, PO Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276.

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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