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Its been a while

Its been awhile since I posted. In fact it has been a long while.

My last post was just before I headed to Nicaragua with Stop Hunger Now to visit several feeding centers. That was a wonderful trip.

I am still trying to find words to talk about this experience.

Right now, my most pressing thoughts surround a planned SHN packaging event at East Coweta Middle School. Last year, when all of this began, we raised quite a bit of money for Stop Hunger Now. So much that we were able to package 10,000 meals at 3 churches and 20,000 meals with the 6th grade at ECMS.

It was such a good experience, the school invited us back again this year. We are to package on May 25 with the 6th grade again. The issue is, we are not in such a public fundraising situation this year.

It was our hope that businesses in the area would help us fund this event. I am grateful to Table Talk, Matt’s Small Town Pizza, French Market, Senoia Coffee & Cafe, Stan Moore Signs, Le Fleur Florist Shop, Senoia Drug Store, Senoia UMC for their support.

I am getting concerned that we may not reach our goal. This will not only be a disappointment to the ECMS 6th Grade, but to the children to whom these meals shipped. We have scaled back our goal from 20,000 to 10,000 meals which lowers our financial need.

BUT, I need your help. Many of you who follow my blog have given generously for our initial effort, my trip, and many other ways. If everyone that follows this blog would navigate to and make a donation of at least $20 it will propel us towards our goal. As with any charity, larger gifts are wonderful, any gift is appreciated.

Won’t you help us help students feed students?

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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