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25 cents

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit with the staff of Stop Hunger Now in the Raleigh, NC office this week. What a wonderful group of persons committed to ending world hunger in our lifetime. And they all seem so excited and happy! (I think it is in the water there…)

They allowed me to share some of my thoughts on why I am involved with the Stop Hunger Now work. And once again, a very clear example of this came to my mind. I have shared it here before, but it bears repeating in a new way.

When I rode the SHN Harley to the offices, I had to make a few stops along the way for food and gas. I paid cash for some of this and received change from my purchases. Part of that change was in coin, and part of those were quarters — 25 cents. I have gotten to where I don’t spend my quarters. They go into a bank in my office to buy SHN meals. The SHN meals cost only 25 cents and it is easy for me to make the connection.

When I arrived, I handed al the quarters I had received to Chessney Barrick, Marketing & Communications Director. She looked at me like I had lost my mind and asked what that was about. I told her they were meals…and the light went on.

While out to dinner with the family last night, the girls and I once again discussed what a quarter will buy. Right by the door at Steak and Shake were the usual vending machines. They had candy, gum and other unnecessary things for sale — all for a quarter. So we decided to see what a quarter will buy — 25 cents.

The only thing there they were willing to eat was some gum. So we put our quarter in the machine and we received 12 pieces of gum. That provided enough for the 2 girls to share but ended up not being much to chew. And in less than 2 hours, the gum was used up and gone — 25 cents.

For that same quarter, we could have provided a complete meal for a child somewhere in the world that needed basic nutrition. Some child that without that meal would go hungry. A child that might the one that died of hunger related causes every 6 seconds.

Now I know that God does not intend us to never enjoy life or have pleasure. But God has made us stewards of the resources we have received. And good stewardship calls us to think before we use what we have.

Just because I can afford something does not mean I need to buy it. Maybe I can buy something at a lower price that does the same thing and use the difference to help those that have less.If I can afford a Mercedes for about $50,000 and a Ford Focus for around $20,000 (I don’t know real prices, but these are close). Both will get me from A to B in comfort and safety. But if I chose the Ford, what could I do with that extra $30,000? That could be 120,000 meals, or some other humanitarian effort for those in need. And I still have a car, that drives me just as fast, with AC, air bags, and such.

It is something to think about. Something to be reminded of every time you see a quarter — just 25 cents.

And for now, that is my 2 cents worth.  25 cents buys a meal, feeds a child, who lives another day. Pretty simple.

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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