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New — New Beginnings

It has been some time since I have written here. And that is how I have begun the last several entries to this blog.

I am beginning to learn a few things about life. The thing on my mind tonight is that we need to have a new – new beginning to many areas of our life. I began this blog over a year ago to share my journey as I lived on Stop Hunger Now meals for the season of Lent. I continued the blog after that season still talking about Stop Hunger Now and my thoughts about hunger, quarters, and the choices we can make.

I began blogging daily, then every few days, then every week or so, and now it has been something like a month or so. Each time I come back to write, I tell my self I need to begin again to write often. And I begin again.

Then “life” happens and I fall behind — and I begin again. And again. And again.

This is similar to our Christian walk and our wish to follow Christ. We begin with energy, good intentions, and passion. And then “life” happens and we find ourselves getting less and less focused on our Christian walk — and before long, we find ourselves quite some distance from where we wish to be. So, we need to begin again.

And the cycle repeats. Only, if we will keep working at it, we notice a little sooner, and the a little sooner than that, and a little sooner still, that we are falling away from the passionate, committed life we wish.

Dr. Tom Camp shared his experience at meditation while at a monastery with a group of us at a clergy meeting. He would seek to meditate but quickly his mind would wander to something else. He would seek to bring his focus back to the meditation and quickly lose focus again. Talking with one of the monks, he expressed his sense of failure and frustration. The monk pointed out that it is like lifting weights. If you lifted the weights up and they just stayed there, what would be the benefit of that. It is in the weight coming back down and lifting it back up time and time again that we build our strength. And each time we lift the weight back up we do so with more strength and ease. So it is with meditation (and in my opinion with life in general).

Each time our mind wanders, we deliberately move it back to the meditation and in doing so, we grow stronger and it becomes easier to bring our mind under control. The more we do it, the easier it becomes.

I contend this is the same for our Christian walk. We lose our way time and time again. That is just the way it is in life. The more often we bring our life back into focus, the stronger we become, and the easier it is to do so.

And there we have a new-new beginning. We begin again. And again. And again…..

So I begin again this blog. I hope to share my thoughts for whatever they are worth to whom every chooses to read them. It is my hope and prayer that they will be of some usefulness. If not an encouragement and guide, at least as a caution and urging where NOT to go.

Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. I will still often talk of hunger and the work of Stop Hunger Now. But I will be expanding my thoughts and reflexions to a more general theme.

May God give you the grace and strength to have a New — New Beginning when and where you need it.

Until the next time….The Hog Father


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  1. lomseedsofhope

    I love the weight lifting analogy. Life gets in the way all too often and that is a beautiful reminder that we simply need to lift our goals back up when they fall short of our expectations. Beautiful post.

    Chief Seed Sower

    Light of Mine
    Seeds of Hope

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