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Well, it’s 11;29pm on Wednesday night. Had a church dinner tonight: Pinto beans, mashed potatoes, black-eye peas, and slaw with corn bread muffins. It was very tasty and good. It was reminiscent of the kind of meals the “poor” had in years past. Low cost, high nutrition, and filling.

I sat at the table with the knowledge that in the morning, I will be speaking at LaGrange College about my involvement with Stop Hunger Now. I have spent 2 weeks trying to capture that story in a slide show and in my thoughts. Technology has not been my friend — but thanks to a friend (and church member) it has been brought under control. My thoughts are not so together.

How do you sum up the last 2 years, 47 days of eating the meals, a trip to feeding centers in Nicaragua, untold conversations with people, blogs, and photos, packaging events (80,000+ meals) and many other wonderful opportunities to share this humanitarian effort? It suggests the song, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, from The Sound of Music.

I am anxious about tomorrow. Will I capture the imaginations of the students? Will it matter? Will they hear my passion for Stop Hunger Now or will they see an overweight, old, grey-headed preacher they need to endure?

I am anxious about the possibility to return to Nicaragua in March and maybe take my daughter and a member of the church with me. (Contributions are welcome for this trip which will run around $3,500 for the 2 of us.)

And I am already anxious about a possible “grand event” for next summer.

Anxiety is not always bad. It can drive us to do our best, to reach for more than we would normally try for, and to give us energy we need. I hope that is the case in the morning…..

Until the next time….The Hog Father,


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