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Winds of Change

I don’t know if you have noticed lately, but around here, the winds have blown often and strong. My mother once said it was God sweeping the sky and the tree tops to clean things up. And if you looked around the next day, the ground would be covered with dead branches and leaves and such as if God had truly cleaned up the tree tops.

In my world, the winds of change have blown. Change in my work with Stop Hunger Now, change in my personal sphere of life, and change in my place of ministry.

I have dreamed of a GREAT RIDE. A motorcycle ride to every SHN site in the US. And at various times that ride seems like it will happen, and not happen — depending on how the wind was blowing at the time. As part of this, I will be looking at a ride to the Orlando, FL site this week. I had the opportunity to ride to the Jackson, MS warehouse in April and had a great visit with Matt Casteel and Pat Ware. They had just moved into a larger space.

I look forward to meeting the folks in Orlando and seeing their place of operations and learn how God is using them to change the world.

Winds of change are blowing in my sphere of life in several ways. My daughter is moving from Middle School to High School. We are seeing her close the chapter of her life in middle school as the last concerts for All State Chorus, District Honor Chorus, County Honor Chorus/Band and such take place. And we see change in looking forward to High School and marching band. My BABY is no longer a baby and is getting bigger and smarter with each day.

I had to replace the family van last week. Meridy and I have begun conversations on how we would replace her car — given it is the older vehicle. However, it turns our the van had terminal issues. After putting $1,500 in the car, we had to put $500 in the van and after evaluation learned it needed nearly $2,000-$3,000 in repairs — to maybe get 40-50,000 more miles out of it. Not a good investment. SO, we now have a new vehicle and a new, larger monthly payment.

Other changes in my sphere include trying to raise the funds to do our 3rd year of meal packing at East Coweta Middle School with the 6th Grade. After it looking like it would NOT happen, it now looks promising. With several people making gifts, we now are sure to package at least 10,000 meals and if everything comes together the projected project of 20,000 meals. Praise the Lord!

Changes in my place of ministry include some interesting opportunities to have deep spiritual conversations lately in unusual places and unexpected times. The biggest change will be a move to a new pastorate. For those not familiar, United Methodist pastors are assigned to their place of ministry each year. I have been with the people of Senoia UMC for the last 3 years. Due to financial issues, it is necessary to take a new place of ministry to allow SUMC to lower their salary to a level that allows for funding ministry — which is the purpose of the local church.

I am not ready to leave Senoia, but it seems to be the time — so we begin to pack and dream. If we HAVE TO LEAVE Senoia, then the idea of serving the people of Murray County, GA — namely those who worship and engage in ministry at Chatsworth First UMC breeds excitement.

We are excited about that which is new, that which we believe God calls us to, that which will be our new world. The winds blow strong sometimes. The winds blow in seemingly uncontrolled ways sometimes. But even if we do not know where they come from, where they are going, or why they even blow — we know that they are in God’s control and if we will simply trim our sails properly — we will travel safely and securely to our destination.

I hope you will continue to follow this blog. I don’t really know where it will go, but I will try to be more faithful to post regularly. I will continue to be honest in my thoughts. and I hope you will take a minute to comment, share with a friend or two, and if you can spare a few quarters — feed a child.

The place to give for our ECMS event is: All donations are helpful and will make sure we have a great event for these students. 

The place to give or sign up as a sponsor for THE GREAT RIDE is to drop my a note (and check if you can) to P.O. Box 98, Senoia, GA 30276. 

Thanks for your time, your prayers, your support, and your donations. I will share about my latest trip to Nicaragua in a bit……

Until the next time…..The Hog Father


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