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Screen shot 2011-02-17 at 12.20.07 AMSometimes it seems impossible to explain why working with Stop Hunger Now matters so much to me, why I am so passionate about raising awareness of the issue of hunger in the world today, why it is maddening to consider that it is not a shortage of food that causes persons to suffer from hunger, why I try so hard to get folks to see how easy it is to give these meals for only a quarter per meal.

Back in March of this year I had the opportunity to return to Nicaragua with Stop Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 1.19.15 AMHunger Now to see again and in new ways how these meals are used through ORPHANetwork to feed those in need. While on that trip I got to meet and get to know the band Willet. These guys have used their musical abilities, and speaking abilities to change the world. They have developed a passion for feeding the hunger among other charitable efforts. 

Today, Jeremy Willet posted a comment on Facebook that really touched my heart. Broke it actually. And I want to share his word with you. It puts into words many things I have tried to say, and that I feel. I hope they touch you as well. For more about this group, visit their website at

“I’m going to need [ ] the next few days.

I need it because I’m angry.

There’s no other way to describe how I feel.

Without [ ] from others , my feelings might offend.

I try to have [ ] with others when they hurt me, but tonight, its hard.

During my last trip to Ghana just a few weeks ago, my wife, Kat and I traveled to the community where our son, Evans, was born. It is a community called Bolgatanga. While there, we saw the extreme poverty that our son was born into. We witnessed the generational poverty that has plagued his family, and many other families in the area for years. We heard countless stories of children suffering from malnutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and special needs. We learned about the aggressive movement of hinduism throughout the community, and met Christian missionaries from the U.S. that are working daily to advance the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prior to traveling to this community, we learned of a young girl that was extremely sick. While in the village for several days, we were able to go and meet her. She was so frail and underweight due to malnutrition that we carefully held her in our laps and tried to comfort her as she looked up at us with her big, beautiful eyes. I know it sounds weird, and potentially cliche, but you could see the face of God when you looked at her.

When we left Bolgatanga, we were filled with joy because we passed court for our adoption…but we left with mixed emotions knowing the many children that would still struggle to survive in this area… boys and girls just like the one we held.

Today we learned that this little girl died.

God, please give me [ ]. I really don’t want to offend anyone, but this hurts.

Do you know why she died?

She died because of starvation…from not having enough food for her little body to operate.

She died because we closed our eyes. She died because the “system” of orphan care is broken. She died because her story was never told. She died because while you and I went for “seconds”, she had none. She died because somewhere along the line, we made “missions” a line item in our Church budgets, and felt it only deserved a small % of our income. She died because we blamed our complacency on the false-truth that, “we have starvation here in America…we should help our own first”. She died because we forgot why we exist.

As followers of Jesus, we were created to worship.

We love to boil “worship” down to our Sunday-morning-U2-sounding-praise-teams jamming out to 3 songs and a offertory…but God says “away with the noise of your worship!” In Amos Chapter 5, He continues by saying “what I want is JUSTICE to roll down like a river, RIGHTEOUSNESS like a never failing stream”.

I’m angry.

God, please give me [ ] .

There is no justice in the death of a child due to something we could have prevented.

Do you know that this little girl had the most beautiful name?

I couldn’t believe it when we found out her name was [ ].

I’ll never forget that girl. Jesus please give her a special place at the table tonight.

It’s weird you know? Life just doesn’t make sense without [ Grace ] .”

Visit their site, visit Stop Hunger Now. Share the word. Share the passion. Share the effort. Share your time, talents, and treasure in changing the world and saving lives. Every 3 seconds a person dies of hunger related causes and every 6 seconds it is a child. And it’s NOT from a lack of resources — it is because of a distribution problem and because we let it happen. Let’s change that, NOW.
Until the next time….The Hog Father,

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