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About thehogfather

I am an average 48-year-old individual who is out of shape (but round is a shape, right?) and over fed. I am a United Methodist pastor serving in what could be called rural middle Georgia. I am happily married with 5 children ages 24, 23, 21, 12, 7. I have been serving the local church since 1988. I love motorcycles, golf, music, and sharing time with family and friends (sounds like I’m on a dating site).

I am new to social media and a little slow with technology in general. I am thankful to children that will teach me these things in exchange for food money, gas money, clothing money, money money….well, you get the idea.

This blog is part of my own personal journey of growth — in the use of technology and in my journey of faith. Here I will blog about the things that are important to me, my journey and that I hope will be of interest to others as they travel their own journey.

I hope to be a part of ending death on planet earth due to hunger and malaria. It is my understanding that the resources already exist — we just have chosen not to deploy them (and that is the subject of several blog posts to come).

Won’t you join me on this journey? It is always much more fun when others share in the experience.



  1. Dan Dixon

    Let’s do it!!! If we can, we ought to get together on Fat Tuesday and have one last “meal” that we want. Looking forward to following you. Here’s my link to my blog:

    Talk to you soon…


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